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The company name SIG Air Handling will disappear and will from now on be replaced by CAIROX BELGIUM nv/sa.


The France Air Group finalises its acquisition of SIG Air Handling


The France Air group, a designer and distributor of Ventilation products and solutions for indoor air quality and comfort, announces that it has completed its acquisition of SIG Air Handling, a division of the British group SIG plc.


Winners of the customer satisfaction survey 2018

The winners of our annual customer satisfaction survey are drawn: congratulations Youssef Fellali from E.S. Technik & Jelle Demuynck from Vermaelen & Demuynck! They win an Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitor. Thanks to everyone who filled in our survey: your opinion matters to us!

Fujitsu heatpumps now available in BIM library

Several Fujitsu duct models, cassette models and outdoor units are available for download in .rfa and .dwg formats, to be used in both Revit and AutoCAD projects. Download here.

As an exclusive distributor of Fujitsu units in Belgium, SIG Air Handling Belgium only sells these units to certified installers.

Very successful ISH fair in Frankfurt for SIG Air Handling

ISH Frankfurt, the world´s largest HVAC trade fair (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), received over 200,000 visitors between March 14th and 18th. SIG Air Handling took the opportunity to promote its own product label CAIROX and at the same time the company’s supported vision: ´Improving air because we care´.

Impressive demonstrations
Along with the highly appreciated presentation of the various services that SIG Air Handling offers as a total solutions partner, the scale model of a parking garage ventilation system drew really big crowds. The model was used to demonstrate live just how an underground parking fire develops, and how the ventilation system can contribute to implementing a safe evacuation.
It proved to be a must-see for every visitor.

Positive reactions
For the occasion, artist Jean-Luc Moerman pimped out the SIG Air Handling products with unique tattoo-like decorations, which generated lots of positive feedback. The evening event on Thursday attracted over 250 customers, partners, business relations and suppliers. SIG Air Handling considers the fair to have been a highly successful event.

Satisfied with ISH
“This HVAC trade fair with a global impact has international visitors who have an interesting profile and who implement real construction projects over the short and long terms. SIG Air Handling is very happy about the way the ISH fair was organised, and we will certainly be confirming our participation in 2019 shortly”, says Bert Van Buggenhout, Marketing Manager of
SIG Air Handling.

General price increase 2% ​from March 1st, 2017

You may have noticed that the prices of raw materials and the transport costs have significantly increased during the past year. As a result, SIG Air Handling has been confronted with increased production costs of our products.

This is why we have to raise all of our prices with 2%. This general price increase will go in effect on March 1st, 2017.

For further questions regarding this price increase, you can always contact our staff.

SIG Air Handling continues its expansion in Germany

After a series of acquisitions in various European countries, SIG Air Handling has set its sights on
the German-language market. Profant Luft-Technik HandelsgmbH in Austria was acquired earlier this year, and Trier-based BLH is now
joining this group of ventilation specialists as well.

About BLH
BLH (Bauelemente für Lüftungstechnik Hennen GmbH) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ventilating ducts and special components with around 90 employees. The company is primarily active in Germany and the BeLux, where it works for industrial customers who demand the highest technical quality. Its impressive portfolio includes projects such as the NATO headquarters in Brussels, The Squaire close to the airport of Frankfurt as well as the head office of the European Central Bank – also in Frankfurt.

SIG Air Handling is always on the lookout for partners who have something to offer that supplements its current products and services. “We want to further profile ourselves as the supplier of complete solutions for the professional HVAC market in Europe”, says Lex Hemels, Managing Director of SIG Air Handling. “For this you need specialised partners, as well as a strong geographical distribution and Germany plays a crucial part in this.”

Other factors also play a role in such acquisitions. For example, it is important that each partner has adopted and applies the same values and subscribes to the social commitment of SIG Air Handling. As a group we strive for a healthy, safe and energy-efficient living and working environment for everyone, and that can only be achieved if everyone is on the same page.

With the acquisition of BLH, SIG Air Handling is highlighting its ambitious growth plans and the group is continuing to work on its unambiguous positioning as a partner in distribution, projects and support services.

SIG Air Handling is growing in size, product offering and expertise

What began life in 2001 as Ouest Ventil in France, has now expanded to become SIG Air Handling with over a hundred subsidiaries all over Europe. This expert in heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC) supports customers and partners with professional advice and specialised systems. Recently, SIG Air Handling has also been developing and distributing products under its own CAIROX brand. In addition, this socially responsible company aims to provide healthy indoor air in cooperation with European organisations like EVIA and EFA.

SIG Air Handling is developing into a leading player on the European market for Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning products. Last year, the company took over three HVAC companies: HC Group (in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom), Interland Techniek (in the Netherlands) and Profant Lufttechnik Handels GmbH (in Austria). Since 17 August 2016, BLH GmbH (Germany) joined the group – and there are further plans to expand on the German market. SIG Air Handling can now call on over a hundred distribution points in Europe. A strong network, which means that customers quickly obtain the right products and advice.

Healthy indoor air for everyone
With the motto ‘Improving air because we care’ SIG Air Handling’s business aims to find energy-efficient total solutions and better indoor air quality. Together with architects, designers and project developers, SIG Air Handling devises ventilation systems that ensure that people can breathe healthy indoor air at work, at home and during their leisure time.

To achieve this, the experts concerned focus on three elements: air improvement, air movement and air diffusion. In addition to specialist advice and partnerships for total projects, customers come to SIG Air Handling for its extensive and unique range of over 15,000 products. This extensive product range is available via our distribution outlets or can be ordered via a user-friendly webshop.

Own brand and corporate social responsibility
This European company continues to grow; from specialised service and project solutions to production and assembly facilities, and just recently, it introduced its own brand - CAIROX. This means that SIG Air Handling is now developing and distributing products for air improvement, air movement and air diffusion under strong own labels, thus further strengthening its service provision and its position on the European market.

In the field of Corporate social responsibility, SIG Air Handling is making its contribution: The company is working actively in various working groups of EVIA, the European Ventilation Industry Association, and in that context is working towards better European standards for Indoor Air Quality. With that aim in mind, it is also working with EFA, the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations. The company aims to draw attention to the issue of indoor air quality and encourage Europe to take appropriate measures. Because everyone is entitled to and benefits from healthy indoor air.

Winners of the customer satisfaction survey 2016

The last few months, you had the opportunity to fill out a customer satisfaction enquiry on our web site and in our branches. We would like to thank everybody who has filled out this enquiry, because thanks to your feedback, we will be able to improve the operation of our company.

Two iPads were raffled between the participants. On our annual company party an innocent hand had the honour to choose the two winners. The happy winners are Tim Nijs of Tim Works and Mohammad Ben Mahjoub of AIRCOOLING. Congratulations!

SIG Air Handling supports EFA to improve indoor air quality standards

On 30 May 2016, SIG Air Handling International bv signed a contract with the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA). The European supplier of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products is now a funding partner of EFA and supports its efforts advocating for higher standards and healthier indoor air quality in Europe - in particular for people with allergies, asthma and chronic respiratory diseases.

Every year, two million healthy lives in the European Union are lost as a result of poor air quality. Outside large cities, indoor air is between twice and fifty times as polluted as outdoor air. For example, studies show that 64 million students and 4.5 million teachers in Europe are breathing in unhealthy indoor air almost daily. A possible reason for this is a lack of or a poorly maintained ventilation system.

"The European Union is due to adopt new legislation on Indoor Air Quality” – EFA

EFA is working to promote healthier indoor air for all, especially for allergy and chronic respiratory patients. "The European Union is due to adopt new measures for indoor air quality and we are calling for higher air quality standards to prevent the negative impact poor air quality has in our health”, says EFA Communications Manager Isabel Proaño. SIG Air Handling is delighted to support this initiative. The company wishes to draw attention to the indoor air issue and give Europe a helping hand to take appropriate actions.

Because everyone is entitled to and stands to benefit from indoor air. That message is reflected in SIG Air Handling's motto: “Improving air because we care.” In the next few years, SIG Air Handling plans to work with the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Disease Patients' Associations and develop solutions to improve overall indoor air quality.

About EFA
The European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations is an independent non-profit organisation of 41 allergy, asthma and COPD patients’ organisations in 25 European countries, with offices in Brussels, Belgium. EFA’s vision is that European patients with allergy, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) live uncompromised lives, have the right and access to the best quality care and a safe environment. EFA’s mission is to be their voice and to be actively involved in the decisions impacting their health. For more information, visit:

Press release: SIG Air Handling is growing!

SIG Air Handling opened its 10th Belgian distribution point in Ostend this year. A noteworthy achievement that now gives the company no fewer than 100 distribution sites throughout Europe. SIG Air Handling offers expertise on improving air quality in interiors, both at home and at work. A healthy air quality in an indoor environment is vitally important for people´s comfort, safety and health.

SIG Air Handling therefore offers customised solutions for keeping the quality of the indoor climate healthy. For example, it works out complete solutions for HVAC projects of professional installers and design offices by supplying a complete line of gratings, fans, air conditioning, fire dampers and air groups. Thanks to its expertise in the various market segments, SIG Air Handling offers applications for different types of interiors, ranging from offices and warehouses to stores, hospitals and schools. In addition, SIG Air Handling wishes to even better support its customers by expanding the product and system offer, including climate ceilings, parking garage and tunnel ventilation and new service activities. A unique, fast distribution.

SIG Air Handling has already opened many distribution points so as to optimally support its professional installers. Ostend can now boast of being home to the 10th distribution point in Belgium. On the European level SIG Air Handling has also developed a strong network, with a total of over 100 distribution centres.

These distribution points confirm SIG Air Handling´s steadfast determination to improve indoor air quality. Thanks to the presence of SIG Air Handling on the local market, installers get quick access to both the right products and up-to-date product knowledge. Flexibility and technical support are also major advantages. At SIG Air Handling´s one-stop shop, customers will also find easy and always accessible e-commerce solutions.

Via its distribution points, SIG Air Handling makes more than 4,000 products immediately available to installers, for example when they urgently require fittings. The product line includes over 15,000 articles in all, and orders can be guaranteed for delivery to the construction site within 24 hours.

Growing European expansion and increase in scale SIG plc wants to significantly expand its Air Handling activities in Europe. With the name change last year from Air Trade Centre Belgium to SIG Air Handling Belgium and its recent acquisitions, SIG plc has strengthened its position on the international market. After the acquisition in September 2015 of the HC group (with sites in the Netherlands and Great Britain), Profant in Austria ( and Interland Techniek in the Netherlands ( were also recently taken over.

Acquisition Profant Lufttechnik HandelsgmbH

SIG Air Handling has completed the acquisition of Profant Lufttechnik HandelsgmbH, a distributor and fabricator of premium air handling systems and the market leader in Austria for car park ventilation & smoke exhaust systems.

Profant has one-stop-shop offering to the installer that includes consultation, design, assembly, testing and after-sales services. The company is based in Graz, and has recently opened an office in Vienna.

This acquisition provides the initial market entry into a German speaking country for SIG Air Handling and is in line with our strategy to move up the value chain. Furthermore, the business profile is complementary to our recent acquisition of HC Groep, and also to the car park ventilation business of Air Trade Centre Turkey.

Profant will be integrated into the existing SIG Air Handling Projects/Solutions segment. The current MD René Profant will continue to lead the business.

SIG strengthens position with acquisition of Interland Techniek

With effect from 22 October 2015, SIG has acquired the entire issued share capital of Interland Techniek B.V., a supplier, distributor and fabricator of a range of air handling products in the Netherlands. Interland Techniek is based in Dordrecht and has a turnover of €5m.

The acquisition of Interland Techniek supports SIG's strategy to significantly grow its Air Handling operations across Europe. This acquisition will enhance SIG's customer proposition by extending SIG’s product and system offering. Interland Techniek has a complementary offering to the existing Air Handling range in the Netherlands with a number of attractive exclusive distribution agreements in niche product areas.

Managing Director Ronald Kniep will remain with the business for an interim period to affect a successful handover and integration into the wider SIG Air Handling business in the Netherlands.

We wish them a warm welcome to our group!

SIG acquires HC Groep

SIG plc, the leading European specialist solutions provider to the construction industry, announces that it has acquired HC Groep BV. HC Groep is a specialist Air Handling systems provider based in the Netherlands and the UK, with a turnover of €45m.

The acquisition of HC Groep supports SIG’s strategy to grow its Air Handling operations across Europe. This acquisition will enhance SIG’s customer proposition by extending its product and system offering, including in attractive areas of climate ceilings and car park and tunnel ventilation, plus new service capabilities.

This acquisition is complementary to SIG’s existing Air Handling operations in the Netherlands and the UK, including Air Trade Centre and previously acquired businesses Inatherm and SK Sales.

The existing management team of HC Groep will remain with the business to deliver the continued growth and development of the company.

Lex Hemels, Managing Director of SIG Air Handling said, "We are extremely pleased that HC Groep will be joining SIG, and we look forward to partnering with the management team to grow the business together. The acquisition of HC Groep will enhance our existing Air Handling offering in the Netherlands and the UK, and provides opportunities for growth in other SIG geographies".

Peter Verschoor, CEO of HC Groep commented, "This is a unique opportunity to strengthen along with SIG through synergies between the different business units, and to further develop future indoor climate solutions".

About HC Groep
HC Groep is comprised of five individual businesses in the Netherlands and the UK, each with its own specialism, including climate control, climate ceilings, air treatment equipment, ventilation systems for car parks and tunnels and air distribution and control technology.

Air Trade Centre Belgium becomes SIG Air Handling on October 1st 2015

Last year, Air Trade Centre Belgium celebrated its 20-year existence with a big party. Year after year, our company, with its head office in Zaventem, has become one of the major players in the HVAC business on the Belgian market. In the meantime, our company has 9 branches in Belgium and more than 100 employees.

As a European group since 2008, Air Trade Centre is a member of SIG plc, a listed company on the London Stock Exchange. Thanks to acquisitions and organic growth, a large number of our subsidiary companies have become major players on the European HVAC market.

To accentuate the European character and synergy, Air Trade Centre Belgium has decided to change its name on October 1st 2015 and to continue under a common European company name, SIG Air Handling.

Of course, we maintain the specialism and the existing contacts in the company. In the future also, SIG Air Handling will continue to work out total solutions together with you, not only with large stocks and quick deliveries, but also with professional advice, product selections, R&D, design and after sales service.

Please contact our employees for further explanations regarding this name change.

Raffle for the winners of the customers satisfaction enquiry 2015

The last few months, you had the opportunity to fill out a customer satisfaction enquiry on our web site and in our branches. We would like to thank everybody who has filled out this enquiry, because thanks to your feedback, we will be able to improve the operation of our company.

Two romantic weekends were raffled between the participants. On our annual company party, Danka Bossier, Administration Officer, had the honour to choose the two winners under the supervision of Lex Hemels, Group Managing Director of SIG Air Handling. The happy winners are Raf Wolfs of KVT and Frédéric Peysson of Greenwall. We wish them lots of fun!

Errata 2014/2015

Recently we had the pleasure to present you our new Price List 2014/2015, valid from November 1, 2014.
Despite the great efforts of the entire Air Trade Centre team, we concluded that there are some adjustments to be implemented.

Below is a list of corrections:

  • MPRE 600 – 2PCS = €48,24
  • MPRE 1000 = €41,34
  • GS2 GIANT SYSTEM (combinations)

New e-shop-update

The speed and user friendliness of our website is of high importance to you as well as to us.

To optimize the use of our e-shop; we made a couple of changes:

If you select a product in our E-shop you can now choose to visualize the stock of one of our branches.

For example: if you order a lot of products from our branch in Genk, you can now select ‘Stock Genk’ so only the stock from Genk is shown

This way, you will see much faster the ‘live’ number of products on stock in our headquarter in Zaventem and our branch in Genk.

 Note that your choices will be saved automatically, but that you can always adjust it again.

Prize draw iPhone

At the end of last year you could fill in a satisfaction survey on our website.
Among the participants an iPhone was raffled. This was done by an innocent hand (Harinck Gino from Bossuyt Winkelinrichting was given the honour during a Fujitsu-training).

Anne-Mie Maet from Daeninck & Deweerdt bvba is the lucky winner of the iPhone.

Upgrade EN-certifications for Hidria air handling units

We are pleased to announce that the Hidria air handling units EN certifications have been upgraded.


Classifications according to EN1886 and EN13053

Mechanical strength: D1

Air tightness: 3A

Thermal insulation: T2

Thermal bridge: TB2

Filter bank air leakage: F9


Climatechno 2013

Climatechno, the biennial trade show for the HVACR sector is finished.  Our Air Trade Centre booth had particular attention for the new "Healthy School Concept" in conjunction with the ECOKAT EC LOBBY, and the Fujitsu Wireless Controller. We thank all visitors for the large attendance!

Contest satisfaction poll closed

For several months you could participate in our customer satisfaction poll on our website. A  brand new iPad has been raffled among all the participants. This occured during the Air Trade Centre staff barbecue on Friday, September 20. An innocent hand has elected the winner. Congratulations to Alain Lambert!


The satisfaction surveys can still be completed through the link below. Although there is no iPad left to win.

Selection program cooling-and heating batteries CWA & CWK

Our quick selection program is online.

You can open the program by clicking on "Selection tools" on top of our website. (Left to where you can select your country), by going to the downloads in the menu, or you can click this link to try it out.

Mobile website

Air Trade Centre at Batibouw

For the fourth time in a row, Air Trade Centre is present at Batibouw.
The international exhibition of construction, renovation and interior design at Brussels Expo.
You can visit us untill 03 March and benefit from our Batibouw action.
You will find us in Hall 12, Stand 409.

New opening hours Zaventem & Aartselaar

In order to provide you an even better service, the opening hours will be advanced from 14/05/2012 for our branches in Zaventem and Aartselaar: from 7hrs to 12.30hrs and 13hrs to 17hrs.

All other branches will stay open from 7.30hrs to 12.30hrs and from 13hrs to 17hrs.

Air Trade Centre at Batibouw

Air Trade Centre is present for the 3rd time at Batibouw from March 1 till March 11.

The international exhibition of construction, renovation and interior design at Brussels Expo. 

Feel free tot visit us, you can find us in Hall 12 at booth 406.

Basic training about residential ventilation

Since January 1, 2006 it is obligatory in new buildings to meet the requirements PEB.
We are all daily confronted with this matter. We have found that many contractors and architects still have many unanswered questions. This is why we found it appropriate to provide a training about the basics in home ventilation. Through a clear presentation and examples, we explained how you can easily calculate the ventilation which is necessary, and how to incorporate this into a home.

We would like to thank everyone present for their attendance!

Air Trade Centre at Energie+

Energy+ was the last planned fair of 2011. ENERGY + 2011 presented a expanded and innovative range of products, relevant to the market. Many exhibitors (institutions, associations and consultants) were present to meet visitors and inform them about the premiums and tax advantages, but also to assist in making the best choice in each case. There was advice and support for individuals and professionals.
We wish you a happy New Year and hope to meet you again next year at many trade fairs.

iF Design Award Fujitsu LTCA/LUCA

Our Fujitsu LTCA and Fujitsu LUCA keep winning prices. The iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design. Every year the iF attracts more than 2,000 product entries from around 37 nations, which are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality. The best of the best are awarded with an iF gold award, known as the "Design Oscar". The iF product design award is today among the most important awards for innovative product design. The iF label becam an advertising and communication tool that is recognized all over the world.

Good Design Award Fujitsu LTCA/LUCA

Two of our products, the Fujitsu LTCA and the Fujitsu LUCA have been awarded with the "Good Design Award". The world's most prestigious award for new product design.

Air Trade Centre at Climatechno

Mid October Climatechno took place in the Brabanthallen Leuven. Climatechno is the new name of the exhibition "Cool & Comfort Happening" and focuses on Refrigeration - Ventilation - Heat Pumps & Solar Thermic. It was the ideal place to discover our latest products, have a drink and a chat with our representatives. On the parking, the exhibition continued, thanks to our truck where visitors could discover our steam humidifiers. We would like to thank everyone for the numerous attendance, which made ​​this fair a success!

Errata Pricelist 2011/2012

Recently we had the pleasure to present you our new Price List 2011/2012, valid from October 1, 2011.
Despite the great efforts of the entire Air Trade Centre team, we concluded that there are some adjustments, both positive and in negative sense, to be implemented.

Below is a list of corrections:

Air Trade Centre at Easy Fairs

Air Trade Centre participated for the first time to Easyfairs at Brussels Expo, and it was a succes!

Farewell László Csizmadia

During the Directors Meeting dinner in Amsterdam the opportunity was taken to say goodbye to László. For 5 years László was the Managing Director of Air Trade Centre Hungary. Given the difficult history of Air Trade Centre Hungary and also the start of the global financial crisis in 2008 these 5 years were not the easiest in László’s career, however as we were all informed by him he enjoyed his time with Air Trade Centre very much. A stable basis was set under László’s management for Tibor to take it to a higher level. We hope László will enjoy a long and happy retirement and we wish him and his family all the best!

Opening of a new branch in Ghent

From now on, our new branch in East-Flanders is open. You can find us at the Stapsteenweg 1 B in 9070 Destelbergen, in the nearby area of Ghent. The office is located next to the highway E17 and is thus easiliy accessible from all directions. Our colleages Koen and Robby will answer all your questions and will meet your demands. The branch is open from Monday to Friday from 07h30 till 12h30 and from 13h00 till 17h00. Come take a look and meet our new colleages at site.


Tel +32 (0)9 211 15 84

Fax +32 (0)9 232 53 81


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