RW/133 EF • Rock wool self-adhesive insulation on roll

  • Rockwool
  • Self-adhesive
  • C
  • Aluminium foil
  • 37 kg/m³
  • 25mm or 50mm

Rock wool duct insulation of 25 mm or 50 mm thickness

Self-adhesive to simplify the mounting


  • For thermal and acoustic insulation of HVAC ductwork applications


  • Rock wool matress with vertical rockwool blades, glued on a reinforced aluminium foil of 20 µ thickness


  • Yellow mineral rockwoll with reinforced aluminium foil


  • Mineral rockwool matress with vertical rock wool blades
  • Reinforced aluminium foil
  • Self-adhesive layer with protective paper
  • Wrapped in polyethylene shrinkfoil


  • Heat conductivity in W/m.K according EN12667:
    • 0.040 at 10°C
    • 0.042 at 20°C
    • 0.044 at 30°C
    • 0.046 at 40°C
    • 0.048 at 50°C
  • Values specified at mean temperatures (average of medium and ambient temperatures)
  • Volume mass 37kg/m³ according EN 1602
  • Vapour diffusion resistance of alu foil Sd > 200 m according EN 12086
  • Application temperatures up to 50°C according EN 14706
  • Non hygroscopical < 1kg/m² and non capillary material according EN 1609
  • Fire resistance class C-s1,d0 according to EN 13501-1
  • Size 10 m x 1 m (10 m²) with a thickness of 25 mm or Size 5 m x 1 m (5 m²) with a thickness of 50 mm


  • To be glued on ducts and to be finished with aluminium tape
  • To be wrapped around ducts and to be finished with aluminium tape
  • To be pinned on duct surfaces by means of insulation pins with washers


  • ALUTAPE 40S or reinforced aluminium tape FSK
  • Insulation self-adhesive pins with washers, type CD 32 or CD 63

Text for tender

  • The thermal and acoustic insulation of the ducts will be done by means of self-adhesive rock wool insulation matresses of 25mm or 50mm. The matresses consist of vertical lamellas of mineral rock wool glued on a reinforced aluminium layer.
  • ATC Type RW/133 EF 25 mm or RW/133 EF 50 mm

Order example

  • RW 133 EF 25 mm


RW 133 EF = Self-adhesive Rockwool insulation

25 mm = On roll in 25mm thickness

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