ERI CLAD ADH • Self adhesive insulation in synthetic rubber with alu protection on a roll

  • Synthetic rubber
  • Self adhesive
  • Aluminium/polymere foil
  • 25 mm

ERI self adhesive closed cells insulation with protective E-CLAD sheet

Ideal for insulation of ventilation duct in- and outdoors with aesthetic aluminium finish


  • Alu


  • Synthetic rubber with closed cell structure ERI
  • Self-adhesive layer ADH
  • E-CLAD protective aluminium foil


  • ERI:
    • Heat conductivity
      • 0.034 W/mK at -10°C
      • 0.035 W/mK at 0°C
      • 0.037 W/mK at 10°C
    • Water vapour diffusion resistance µ≥10000 according to EN12086 and EN13469
    • Operating temperature: -50 up to 85°C
    • Excellent flexibility
    • Fungus and bacterial resistant
    • Corrosion risk DIN 1988/7, pH neutral=7
    • Does not contain CFC, HCFC or asbestos
    • Good resistance to mineral and vegetable oils, benzene/ petroleum ether, diluted acids and bases.
    • Fire resistance Euroclass B,s3,d0 EN13501-1 / EN13823
  • Covering E-CLAD foil:
    • Surface cladding made of multi-layer material based on PE, PVC, Aluminium and PET
    • Can be used in most of the weather conditions, resistant to the sun, rain and UV.
    • Operation temperatures between ‐25 to 75°C, DIN EN 14706
    • Total weight approx. 340 g/m2, EN 22286
    • Thickness 230μm
    • Tensile strength: MD 200N/15mm / CD 175N/15mm, EN ISO 527‐3
    • Elongation: MD 48% / CD 51%, EN ISO 527‐3
    • Tear Strength: MD 70N / CD 28N, EN ISO 527‐3
MD: Machine direction / CD: Cross direction
    • Weather resistant testing ASTM G26A, ISO 4892‐2


  • CE marked
  • For the application in an outdoor installation, ERI CLAD ADH with a thickness of 25mm can be combined with the ERI ADH with a thickness of 25mm for thermal resistance of 1.5m².K/W, prescribed by the specifications 105 /2017 of the buildings Agency


  • To be wrapped around ducts and to be finished with E-CLAD (Butyl) TAPE


  • ERI CLEANER: surface cleaner
  • ERI GLUE: For the glueing of synthetic rubber foam in the joints
  • E-CLAD TAPE: Special tape for connection with finishing of E-CLAD layers indoors
  • E-CLAD Butyltape: Special tape for connection with finishing of E-CLAD layers outdoors

Text for tender

  • The thermal and acoustic insulation of the ducts will be done by means of self-adhesive closed cells synthetical rubber insulation with alu protective layer

Order example

  • ERI CLAD ADH, 25mm, 5x1m


ERI CLAD ADH = Type of insulation, self-adhesive

25mm = Insulation thickness

5x1m = Length x width of insulation roll

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