EMIX EC • Insulated circular duct fans with EC motor

  • Inline duct fans
  • Circular
  • Single-phase motor
  • EC motor
  • 1~230 Vac
  • IPX4

Very compact mixed flow duct fan with energy efficient EC motor and insulated housing of 40mm


  • The motor is integrated in the motor hub, out of the air flow, thus enabling the EMIX EC fans to be used for slightly polluted air.
  • They are used for the ventilation of offices, schools, parking garages, industrial applications,...


  • The housing is made of zinc steel plate with an insulation of 40mm (fire class HF1) and an integrated connection box

  • Mixed flow turbine with guiding blades for high efficiency

  • EC motor with long life ball bearings

  • Motor insulation class: F
  • Motor protection class: IP33

  • IP protection class total fan: IPX4

  • Connection box IP44 with swivel

  • A built-in thermostatic switch protects the motor from overload


  • Fitting clamp, type BMK

  • Protection grille, type BSV
  • Potentiometer, type MTP010
  • 3 position switch 0-10V, type MSS-D

Other available versions

  • Mixed flow duct fans with AC motor for voltage control, type ETALINE E
  • Mixed flow duct fans with AC motor for frequency control, type ETALINE D
  • Mixed flow duct fans with EC motor, type ETALINE EC
  • Mixed flow duct fans with 3 speeds, type ETALINE 3N

Order example

EMIX 150L EC 11 + MTP010

EMIX = duct fan

150L = diameter (housing)

EC = EC motor

11 = type

MTP010 = potentiometer

Air performance data

Q [m³/h]
EMIX 150L EC 11619566506433237103------
EMIX 160L EC 1165760454647223589------
EMIX 200 EC 111132104795786276231149-----
EMIX 250 EC 1120711999192318471768168414961309353184--
EMIX 315 EC 112729256823952218204818771244412----
EMIX 355 EC 11300727412456217719161558419-----

Selection curves

Selection curves

Technical data

 U [V]P [W]I [A]SCPŋt [%]tm [°C]tu [°C]to [°C]n [rpm]Lwa [dB(A)]
 Lwa 5Lwa 6Lwa 2
EMIX 150L EC 111 x 230630.7MTP010/MSS-D42.44040-303710676956
EMIX 160L EC 111 x 230630.6MTP010/MSS-D45.64040-303690676855
EMIX 200 EC 111 x 2301181MTP010/MSS-D46.64040-303130717356
EMIX 250 EC 111 x 2303102.2MTP010/MSS-D59.54040-303100777867
EMIX 315 EC 111 x 2302872MTP010/MSS-D56.94040-302830777861
EMIX 355 EC 111 x 2302661.9MTP010/MSS-D53.73535-302230727558

SCP = Potentiometer 0-10V
ŋt = Maximum total efficiency
tm = Maximum air temperature
tu = Maximum ambient temperature
to = Minimum operating temperature
Lwa 2 = Casing sound power level
Lwa 5 = Sound power level @inlet
Lwa 6 = Sound power level @outlet
The sound power levels are measured according to DIN 45635


 ØB [mm]ØD [mm]H [mm]L1 [mm]L2* [mm][kg]
EMIX 150L EC112721492996006767,1
EMIX 160L EC112721592996006767,2
EMIX 200 EC113131993416006768,3
EMIX 250 EC113272493596006769,7
EMIX 315 EC1139231439860067612,7
EMIX 355 EC1143235443860067615,3
Tolerance: 0-2
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