KBF-N EC T • Simple centrifugal suction boxfan with EC engine outside airflow

Simple centrifugal suction boxfan with EC engine outside airflow


  • Used for extraction of industrial hoods and industrial exhaust systems up untail 7600 m³/h


  • Double walled galavanised casing with removable panels and lever included for:

      • Simple inspection of the engine
      • Change of discharge direction (left or up), standard version : right
  • 30mm isolation with fireclass A1 according to DIN 4102-1
  • Round and square intake, square outlet
  • Condensation and grease draining
  • EC-engine with internal electrical thermal safety device
  • Voltage : 1ph 230Vac or 3ph 400Vac
  • Engine outside the airflow (type T) – Engineside standard opened (equipped with engine protectionplate MB MPC or variant)
  • Turbine with backwards curved blades
  • Isolation class F
  • Protecting class engine: IP54


  • Panel with round connection for KBF, type USM

  • Roof tile for KBF-N, type RD KBF
  • Rain hood with grill for KBF-N, type WSH KBF
  • Engine protection plate for KBF-N, type MB KBF
  • Round/square transition pieces, type RV
  • Fitting clamp, type BMK
  • Potentiometer, type MTP010
  • 3-speed operation switch 0-10V, type MSS-D
  • Pression difference regulators, type DMD-C

Alternative products

  • Frequention regulation simple suction centrifugal boxfans for hoods, type KBF-N D T

  • Plug&play compensation- and pulsiongroups for kitchen application, type EVENTYS

Order example

KBF-N 225 EC T30


KBF-N = Fan type

EC = EC-engine

T = Engine outside airflow

30 = version

Air performance data

 Q [m³/h]
100 Pa200 Pa300 Pa400 Pa500 Pa600 Pa700 Pa800 Pa900 Pa1000 Pa1100 Pa1200 Pa
KBF-N 225 EC T302275213920311951187117801672154213801181804-
KBF-N 250 EC T3029002756259924572347223820901919175615691300571
KBF-N 280 EC T30279526412487233621922053187716291378857--
KBF-N 315 EC T30447443094089382135803398323030602904274225092072
KBF-N 355 EC T3056435370516149664682435740863841357331912478-
KBF-N 400 EC T30603857635532512746324285393233701989---
KBF-N 450 EC T307219659558785407484441423300-----

Selection curves

Selection Curves

Technical data

 U [V]P [W]I [A]SCPŋt [%]tm [°C]tu [°C]to [°C)n [rpm]Lwa [dB(A)]
Lwa 5Lwa 6Lwa 2
KBF-N 225 EC T301x230V6873.2MTP010/MSS-D49.912050-203980869280
KBF-N 250 EC T301x230V8403.88MTP010/MSS-D50.912050-203660889581
KBF-N 280 EC T301x230V7653.56MTP010/MSS-D46.612050-203000899581
KBF-N 315 EC T301x230V14089.9MTP010/MSS-D43.312050-203100929581
KBF-N 355 EC T301x230V150010.73MTP010/MSS-D57.612050-202550909375
KBF-N 400 EC T301x230V12488.8MTP010/MSS-D58.112050-202000889074
KBF-N 450 EC T301x230V12388.79MTP010/MSS-D54.212050-201640868872

  • SCP = Potentiometer 0-10V
  • ŋt = Maximum total return
  • tm = Maximum airtemperature
  • tu = Maximum casing temperature
  • to = Minimum working temperature
  • Lwa 2 = Casing sound power level
  • Lwa 5 = Sound power level @inlet
  • Lwa 6 = Sound power level @outlet
  • The sound power levels are measured according to DIN 45635 part 2 & 38

Product drawing


 A [mm]B [mm]C [mm]Ø [mm]Kg
KBF-N 225 EC T30500417386min. 19533
KBF-N 250 EC T30500417386min. 22033
KBF-N 280 EC T30500417386min. 24033.5
KBF-N 315 EC T30500417386min. 24041
KBF-N 355 EC T30700617586min. 30063
KBF-N 400 EC T30700617586min. 30065
KBF-N 450 EC T30700617586min. 30073
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