MVBL EC • Fan casing - 25 mm isolation, EC motor, safety switch and potentiometer

  • Insulated fan boxes
  • 25 mm insulation
  • EC motor

Double skinned ventilation box with EC fan


  • The MVBL EC range consists of 6 sizes and 6 types and covers an air flow range from 500 up to 12.000 m³/h.
  • Use for ventilation of buildings requesting medium to high air flow
  • Can be used for air intake as well as exhaust
  • Designed to meet the highest standards in thermal and acoustic insulation


  • Structure with aluminum profiles
  • Corners in reinforced polyamiden
  • Removable and exchangeable panels
  • Outer layer: prelacquered steel plate (RAL 7035) with protection sheet
  • Insulation: high-quality glass wool (60 kg/m³) 25 mm with fire class A2-s1,d0 (M0)
  • Inside: galvanized steel plate
  • Built-in nuts for fastening on floor, wall or ceiling
  • Round connections with lip seals
  • Switch IP55 and potentiometer IP65 mounted at frontside of the panel
  • Versions DIVA, LOBBY and MAC2 are equipped with a switch box IP55 with switch, as well as class of protection IP55
  • Possibility to connect a manual remote control on/out or a clock
  • The standard configuration of this deze fan casing is with horizontal suction and discharge (type HH) - other configuarions available on demand


  • Direct driven EC current motor with electronic commutation (EC) with high efficiency, thermal protection IP44/F and integrated speed control
  • The EC technology has brought together high efficient DC motors with low energetic consumption for the management, control and the supervision of the duty point (regulation of the air volume from 10 up to 100%)
  • Low noise level for a better acoustic comfort
  • Fan-motor mounted on vibration dampers


  • MVBL EC DIVA: Proportional modulation of air flow (between a set min. and max. flow) of each fan based on a built-in CO2 measurement. CO2 amount (ppm) can be regulated.
  • MVBL EC LOBBY: constant pressure modulation of the air flow with an integrated transmitter
  • MVBL EC MAC2: modulation for 1 or 2 constant air flows


  • Roof MVX-TCB for outside use
  • Canopy with guard MVX-AGC
  • Damper to be motorised MVX-RM
  • Flexible connectors MTS
  • Filterbox MVX-PF G4 or MVX-PF F7
  • Electrical heating module MVX-BE
  • Hot water heating module MVX-BC
  • Chilled water module MVX-BF
  • Direct expansion coil module MVX-DX
  • VAV-boxes, type VAV-CS, VAV-B and VAV-RS
  • External displays, type E3-DSP

Order example

  • MVBL EC 5
MVBL EC: type of fan

Air performance data

 Q [m³/h]
MVBL EC 4---25002000-----
MVBL EC 5-328031503035289027302500---
MVBL EC 6-417040003750348028252000---
MVBL EC 7-55005330511548604500400037502910-
MVBL EC 8-94258900838078107235652056604000-
MVBL EC 9113751070598809000817572305990---

Selection curves

Technical data

U [V]P [W]I [A]tmax [°C]
tmin [°C]
Lwa [dB(A)]
Lpa @4m [dB(A)]
MVBL EC 41 x 23010704.340-257962IP44 / F
MVBL EC 51 x 23010404.540-258467IP44 / F
MVBL EC 61 x 23010304.440-208570IP44 / F
MVBL EC 71 x 23017907.540-208772IP44 / F
MVBL EC 81 x 23023101040-208469IP44 / F
MVBL EC 91 x 230
7257IP44 / F


A [mm]B [mm]C [mm]Ø [mm][kg]
MVBL EC 444544544531537
MVBL EC 554554554540052
MVBL EC 664564564545072
MVBL EC 774574574550095
MVBL EC 8845845970630129
MVBL EC 99459451170800166


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