HF R EC • Acid proof centrifugal fans with EC motor

Acidproof centrifugal fan with EC motor


  • Hürner Luft- und Umwelttechnik


  • The fans are suitable for extraction of agressive gases
  • For exhaust of fume cupboards in laboratories and baths in the galvanizing industry


  • The casing is made of polyethylene (PEs/PE-FR,RAL7036)
  • The housing is fitted with a splinter guard and condensate drain at its deepest point
  • The impeller has been balanced statically and dynamically according to Q6.3 and in accordance with VDI 2056 - Thermoplastic materials are used for the construction of the impeller
  • In the case of direct drive, the impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft by a Taperlock bush
  • The impeller can be removed without dismantle the housing
  • Supply: 230Vac 1ph
  • Protection: IP55
  • Insulation class: F
  • Integrated potentiometer for regulation of the motor
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Standard orientations: GR360, GL360, GR090 and GL090 - other orientations available on request


  • Flexible connections made of PVC, type PVC
  • Set anti-vibration mounth, type AVM
  • Protective cover for engine, type KC EC
  • Potentiometers 0-10V, type MTP010
  • differential pressure regulators DMD-C


  • Flameproof version in accordance with directive ATEX 94/9/CE

Order example

  • HF R EC 160-17D GR090

HF R: type of fan

EC: EC motor

160: diametre

17: type of impeller

D: direct driven R: belt driven

GR090: casing orientation

Air performance data

 Q [m³/h]
150 Pa200 Pa250 Pa300 Pa350 Pa400 Pa450 Pa500 Pa550 Pa600 Pa650 Pa700 Pa750 Pa800 Pa850 Pa900 Pa950 Pa1000 Pa
HF R EC 125 15D-484456425390350304244----------
HF R EC 125 17D755725693660625587547503445400328228------
HF R EC 140 15D823791758724688651611568521467402315171-----
HF R EC 140 17D107710441010975938900860817771722671615551471360---
HF R EC 160 15D--10691034997960921879835786733675610533408---
HF R EC 160 17D1567152214761431138513391293124812041160111810761034992951910857777
HF R EC 180 15D--173916981657161515721529148414391392134312921239118311231059989
HF R EC 180 17D-23112269222721842141209720522006195919111861181017561700164215821519
HF R EC 200 15D---235023032256220921612112206320121960190818541798173916791616
HF R EC 200 17D-30263022292229092852250027372679262125632505244823912335228022252171
HF R EC 250 15D---370136113520342033393250316130752992291028312754267926052532
HF R EC 250 17D-40693964385937523645353034313325321131883017291728192723262925352442

Technical data

 U [V]P [kW]I [A]n [rpm]Lpa 2 @ 1 m [dB(A)]
HF R EC 125 15D1x2300.372.2300055
HF R EC 125 17D1x2300.372.2300069
HF R EC 140 15D1x2300.372.2300061
HF R EC 140 17D1x2300.372.2300073
HF R EC 160 15D1x2300.372.2300064
HF R EC 160 17D1x2300.372.2300076
HF R EC 180 15D1x2301.15.8300069
HF R EC 180 17D1x2301.15.8300081
HF R EC 200 15D1x2301.15.8300072
HF R EC 200 17D1x2301.15.8300082
HF R EC 250 15D1x2301.15.8300073
HF R EC 250 17D1x2301.15.8300080

Note: the engine is oriented towards you on the orientation diagram.
Orientation “GL” with HF R EC only available from Ø180 and larger.


 A [mm]B [mm]C [mm]E [mm]F [mm]G [mm]H [mm]ØD [mm]K [mm]L [mm]R [mm]X max. [mm][kg]
HF R EC 12536753642024829812123812515624414939013
HF R EC 14040957542724829812825614017324816640513
HF R EC 16045661847929034013828016019329018342513
HF R EC 18051965652031436415631018021931421051627
HF R EC 20058271354833438416434220024533423553430
HF R EC 25072983864040045018841525031140029158435
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