HRC DS150 • High Temperature Heatpump 11-25 kW

  • Auer
  • Air/water
  • HRC70

HRC DS150 air/water heat pumps for high water temperatures. The monobloc is an environmentally friendly device that uses the natural refrigerant R290 (propane) to heat water up to 70°C. The indoor module consists of a DHW tank of 150 liters and a built-in hydraulic module. The unit guarantees good operation down to -20 ° C outside temperature. The HRC70 is a heating only appliance that uses 1 scroll compressor for the power from 7 to 11 kW and 2 scroll compressors for the power from 17 kW. The unit maintains its high COP values even at negative outside temperatures. The DS150 consists of a monobloc outdoor unit and an indoor module. its compactness is its great asset and makes it applicable in most places.


  • Production of domestic hot water
  • Floor heating
  • Fan coil units


  • Auer


  • Monoblock outdoor unit type HRC 11, 17, 25 kW
Indoor module :
  • Primairy circulation pump between outdoor uit and indoor module
  • Enamelled tank for domestic hot water of 150 liters
  • 3-way valve for automatic switch between DHW and CH water
  • Cast iron heat exchanger
  • Controllable back-up resistance 0-4,5 kW
  • Pressure sensor
  • Electronic regulator
  • Discharge valve
  • Expansion vessel (dimensioned for hydraulic piping between indoor and outdoor unit)
  • Automatic gas purger
  • Anode


  • Ecological and natural refrigerant Propane (R290) with a GWP value of only 3


  • An additional buffer tank of minimum 50 liters must be taken into account for the hydraulic installation. This ensures correct operation and defrosting of the installation. The secondary water pump is selected by the installer depending on the consumer network.
  • The installation is always started up together with a technician of Cairox Belgium.


  • Room thermostat TH HRC70
  • Start up (MANDATORY), type XSTARTUPJ

Applicable outdoor units

  • HRC70 11-25 kW

Technical data

HRC 70 outdoor unit HRC70 11 monoHRC70 11 3phHRC70 17 monoHRC70 17 3phHRC70 20 3phHRC70 25 3ph
Maximum water temperature°C707070707070
Maximum heating capacitykW11.511.519.819.823.228.3
Heating capacity +7°C/+35°CkW9.49.416.616.619.624
Absorbed power +7°C/+35°CkW2.
COP +7°C/+35°C
Heating capacity -7°C/+70°CkW6610.510.512.715.5
Energy class A++A++A++A++A++A++
Annual energy consumptionKWh392639155552538468858086
Sound capacity according to EN 12102dB(A)656560606161
Refrigerant (GWP) R290 (3)R290 (3)R290 (3)R290 (3)R290 (3)R290 (3)
Amount of refrigerant R290kg0.650.650.
Dimensions outdoor unitmm1301 x 700 x 4001302 x 700 x 4001660 x 1035 x 5231660 x 1035 x 5231661 x 1035 x 5231662 x 1035 x 523
Weight outdoor unitkg120120245245252265
Nominal air flow ratem³/h450045003500350045004500
Nominal water flow ratem³/h1.71.71.351.351.551.85
Hydraulic connection diametermm26/34 male26/34 male26/34 male26/34 male26/34 male26/34 male
Operating range°C-20°C to +40°C-20°C to +40°C-20°C to +40°C-20°C to +40°C-20°C to +40°C-20°C to +40°C
Maximum absorbed currentA21935131518
Cable section 3G45G2,53G105G45G45G6
Capacity position OFF (POFF) 0.0230.0230.0230.0230.0230.023
Capacity thermostat OFF (PTO) 0.0080.0080.0080.0080.0080.008
Capacity standby (PSB) 0.0050.0050.0050.0050.0050.005
Capacity carter heating (PCK) 0.0050.0050.0050.0050.0050.005
Indoor module       
Dimensionsmm1658 x Ø 535     
Backup resistanceW 3 x 1,5     
Power supplyV230 mono     
Absorbed currentA23     
Cable section 3G4     
Fuse 25A     
Hydraulic connections 4 x 1"     
Maximum water pressure C/HBar2.5     
Maximum water pressure domestic waterBar6     
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