PMSWT300HB • Premounted solar watertank

Solar water heater pre mounted with pump control unit, expansion vessels and regulation.


  • PMSWT 300 HB water heater integrates the features of typical water heaters, pump control units and expansion vessels. Such a solution considerably facilitates the installation process of a solar thermal system and takes much less space.
  • PMSWT 300 HB is featured with two helical heat exchangers for tap water heating – one for transferring thermal energy from solar collectors and the other from a conventional heat source. Additionally, an electric heater can be installed in the upper part of the water heater.
  • The walls are made of standard steel, whose inner surface is coated with enamel. It protects the tank against corrosion as well as it guarantees proper water quality. For even further anticorrosive protection, a magnesium anode is a standard element of the tank. From the outside the walls are insulated with 50mm polyurethane foam with synthetic leather covering.
  • The pump control unit is featured with an electronic controller, which controls the solar pump (the pump speed is adjusted depending on temperature difference) and other external devices (circulation pump, three way valves and conventional heat sources). It enables setting mode and hours of operation for the external devices, which in turn improves efficiency of tap water heating.
  • The heater is additionally equipped with a group of expansion vessels and safety valve to compensate for water and heat transfer volume changes caused by temperature differences encountered during the operation.
  • PM-SWT-300 HB is manufactured from highest quality materials in order to guarantee maintenance free operation for many years. It also meets high aesthetic and functionality criteria.


  • Hewalex

Technical data

Height when inclinedmm1892
Upper coil surface aream20,80
Lower coil surface aream21,55
Maximum pressurebar6


Warranty applies only to the boiler - without accessories

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